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Special Machinery & Material Handling Equipment


2.5 - 15.0 Tons, All Electric or with LPG Gas, Non-Marking Tires and special Accessories


5.0 - 100.00 Tons, All Electric or with LPG Gas, Flexible in Set-Up and minimal in space requirement


Mechanical & Electrical, Rigging, Lifting Pneumatic and more. Tools & Equipment for every requirement

Our Fleet of Forklifts and Forklift   Trucks is regularly maintained and overhauled. With special extras and the suitable accessories for every task. Our rental fleet compromises of the following:


  • 2.5t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 3.5t LPG Gas Powered Forklift

  • 3.5t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 4.5t LPG Gas Powered Forklift

  • 4.5t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 5.0t LPG Gas Powered Forklift

  • 5.0t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 6.0t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 7.5t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 9.0t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 10.0t AC Battery Electric Forklift

  • 13.0t LPG Gas Powered Forklift

  • 15.0t LPG Gas Powered Forklift

All of our Forklifts can be equipped with white, non-marking tires as well as long forks upon request. Furthermore, they feature full safety lights and warn signals. Upon request, we can also provide you with qualified operators.


Most of our large capacity forklifts come with Blue-Light-Safety Feature for safe operation, even without Spotters. Amongst our special Forklift Fleet we also have forklifts with expendable / raisable driver cabin.

With our fleet of lifting devices and indoor cranes, we can cater all your special requests. Amongst others, our set of equipment consists of the following:



  • Machinery Lifts / Toe Jacks from 5.0t to 20.0t capacity each


  • Hydraulic Lift Blocks from 5.0t to 25.0t capacity each


  • Manual A-Frame Portals from 3.0 to 10.0t capacity. We can provide these as full set with Chain Blocks and Shackles


  • Hydraulic Gantry Cranes with variable Liftbooms ranging in capacity from 30t to 65t capacity, fully electric. We can provide these as full set with Rails and Raisers if required


  • Chain Blocks, Lever Blocks, Electrical Chain Blocks and other lifting and towing equipment with capacities ranging from 3.2t to 15t



All of our lifting equipment is regularly maintained and certified according to the governmental requirements. Furthermore we offer all our large capacity lifting equipment with trained and experience operators.


In our Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, you can also send your staff for in-house training and certification for Forklift and Crane operation.

We have tools and equipment at your dispose for mechanical & electrical assembly tasks; rigging, lifting and shifting; as well as pneumatics and other fields. Furthermore we have a large variety of special tools and equipments such as:


  • Heavy-Duty Wireless Scales, Set of 4 Scales with wireless Receiver for accurately measuring loads up to 40tons


  • Air-Pad / Air-Castor System, comes with suitable compressor, for loads from 8.0t to 16.0tons. Different Pads for different applications available


  • Telescopic Crane Extensions for Forklifts and Telehandlers, up to 5.0t capacity with adjustable height and reach


  • High Capacity Transport Skates, manual or robotized / powered. Available with white, non-marking tires


  • Scissorlifts and Boomlifts


And many more special equipments, such as Airflow-Measuring Devices, Electrical Cabinet Mover, and more.   Just ask our rental specialist for your requirements. Even if we don't have the requested tool, we are happy to add this to our rental fleet and provide you with a competitive rental offer.






Flexible and scalable to cater for your needs.

In addition to above equipment, we are able to provide Storage-, Office- and Tool-Container to bundle various equipment and tools in a set for your specific requirements. Our Tool-Container are fully equipped, depending on your request with either focus on mechanical / electrical tasks or lifting and rigging jobs.


Furthermore, we can provide you for all above equipment certified, trained and experienced operators. Besides that we can also provide you with additional manpower to cater your peak demands. Amongst our team we have Mechanical- & Electrical Technicians, Welder, Fitter, Scaffolder, Forklift Operator, Crane Operator, Rigger, Slinger and General Technicians. Just ask our rental team for manpower assistance.


Take a peak at our Rental Fleet


Customer Relationships built on trust.

Founded 1935

Globally Connected

Certified Quality

By Ernst Kurzenberger. The first Step of the later KL Group of Companies.

Located on 3 Continents with subsidies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US.

Certified by TUV Nord and our Customers with Supplier Awards alike.



Each of our customer relationships are entered into as a partnership. Our number one priority is to offer you the best quality available at a fair price. We will never dissuade you from what you desire simply because it is more work for us, and we are always happy to do the research needed to create something new and innovative.


What drives us everyday



Because quality is measurable: Perfection in the processes of KL | Group. Whether you attach it to a accident statistics or the perceived quality of our customers. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in all quality aspects and in all processes is our daily goal.



Environmental and Occupational safety are organized systematically at KL | Group. With regular training and process compliance checks, we not only ensure our outstanding quality, but also the safety of all processes. Hazard analysis and safety concepts are standard procedures for us.



At KL | Group we think forward: A sustainable & environmentally conscious investment policy is the cornerstone of our actions. Thus we do everything to meet the most developed eco-standards. We are committed to use a significant share of our turnover for Environmental Protection Projects.


North, Central and South Malaysia. Cross-Border provision possible.



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