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KLActive Healthcare

Quality Made in Germany.

KL I ACTIVE HEALTHCARE is a research-based bio-pharmaceutical company with own products and distribution capabilities in Southeast Asia. Incorporated in 2014 and part of the German KL I GROUP we specialized in the research, development, commercialization and distribution of medicinal products, devices and ingredients with a strong focus on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related skin health issues.


KL | ACTIVE HEALTHCARE has quickly risen to a major division within the German  KL | GROUP that stands for over 80 years of tradition to deliver best quality
Made in Germany.




Long before pure chemicals were manufactured in sophisticated laboratories, our forefathers used plants and plant extracts effectively for medicine. Today, there are over thousand active plant based ingredients for use as registered  medicines worldwide and many more remain to be discovered.

Southeast Asia offers major business opportunities for pharmaceutical and chemical companies, however, market entry remains often an issue with an array of challenges, from inadequate market data and lacking access to sales channels to complex regulatory systems and very different business cultures.

Having great own products and a good access strategy into various sales channels in Southeast Asia will really help only to get the "foot into the door". The key to a successful, long-term profitable business remains a skilled workforce supported by most effective organizational processes.

We research and develop natural medicines and cosmeceutical skin solutions with the aim to ensure a Healthier Life through a significantly reduced risk of chemical side effects and an improved patient treatment outcome.

We combine over 23 years of local know-how with a German approach to enable pharmaceutical- and chemical companies entering Southeast Asian markets more effectively - from Regulatory Affairs to Import and Warehousing to Distribution, Promotion and Customer Payment Management.

We consult our clients, analyze and improve existing organizational processes and train people's skills in the areas of selling, marketing, supply chain, regulatory affairs and how to effectively launch new product successfully.


Why we get up every morning and excel



Because quality is measurable: Perfection in the processes of KL | Group. Whether you attach it to a accident statistics or the perceived quality of our customers. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in all quality aspects and in all processes is our daily goal.



Environmental and Occupational safety are organized systematically at KL | Group. With regular training and process compliance checks, we not only ensure our outstanding quality, but also the safety of all processes. Hazard analyzes and safety concepts are standard procedures for us.



At KL | Group we think forward: A sustainable & environmentally conscious investment policy is the cornerstone of our actions. Thus we do everything to meet the most developed eco-standards. We committed to use a significant portion of our turnover for Environmental Protection Projects.


Honest Brands and Products.



Our finished products include only bioactive ingredients of the best quality and the right quantity to be effective, thus allowing a more targeted approach to prevention or treatment of specific health conditions, disorders and diseases.


Our medicinal products contain bioactive and precisely standardized ingredients such as Marine-, Alpine- or Tropical plant extracts, and are all clinically proven to be effective and well tolerated.


We invest in research and development of own technologies that can be used to make finished products saver and more effective. These patented and trademarked technologies can also be used by other companies to improve their products for the benefit of our patients.


These patented and trademarked technologies can be found in various products worldwide and help patients to better and faster achieve their individual treatment goals.


CLINIVITA® represents our premium preventive healthcare solution range of products that are well designed and clinically proven to be effective.


Rather than including many different natural and non-standardized ingredients at perhaps sub-optimal quantities, our CLINIVITA products include only a few bioactive ingredients at the best quality and right quantity to be effective, thus allowing a more targeted approach to prevention of specific health conditions, disorders and diseases.


procembrine® is a natrual compund extracted form Pinocembrin (5,7-dihydroxyflavanone), one of the primary flavonoids isolated from Honey and Bee Glue (Propolis) and purified by various chromatographic techniques.


Pinocembrin can aid in the healing of impaired wounds and proliferates new skin formation.

HALAL Certified

Quality Made in Germany

Cruelty Free - Not tested on Animals

Vegetarian Society Approved



Our experienced management board shapes the company with a family atmosphere and clear guidelines.




The quality and safety is our top priority. We see ourselves as your partner and give our best for you every day!




Characterized by flexibility, we look forward to every request. Whether big or small, heavy or light, we are happy to help!


No.106, Jalan Waja Indah 3,

Taman Waja Indah,

09000 Kulim, Kedah // Malaysia

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